Paw Patrol The Movie Review (2021)


Having been a fan of the series for a couple of years, getting into it in mid-2019, Nickelodeon and Spin Master’s Canadian hit pre-school children’s television program known as Paw Patrol has finally hit the BIG screen! After it’s 8 year run with two more seasons expected within the next few years, Paw Patrol has indeed made it’s debut upon movie theater screen’s and smaller streaming screens in the summer of 2021. 

The movie is set within the same world of the hit TV series, set in Adventure Bay with the gang of pups with Ryder, traveling away from there after a mission, to take on yet you guessed it another mission out in Adventure City! The movie’s introduction to it’s audience showcases the scenic views of the Paw Patrol world, with it’s rather stunning graphics with CGI technology. The backgrounds, landscapes, are flawless. Whilst the human characters and animals from the Paw Patrol pups themselves down to other random animals just look so sleek and clean cut. The graphic texture upon the animal’s fur, for one is just so realistic it’s awesome. Story line wise it is another adventure story just like an episode except longer of course. There is also some growth for the characters and some backstory for some as well. A lot of characters do make some cameo’s with some in-TV series references to the series too. Newer characters make themselves known being quite funny and highly entertaining. 

With this flick showcasing some laughable moments throughout, with very exciting entertainment from the Paw Patrol team as a whole. Lots of adventure and action through and through, with the effects of the CGI again being very jaw dropping at times upon that giant BIG screen. Whilst there may not be all the characters present, is does leave room for them to appear come a sequel if all goes well for this pack of pups. Otherwise the film overall is thrilling and adventurous for all ages really. Yes it’s main demographic is toddlers to children but adults like myself, and others in the crowd who was there with their family's and own array of kids of various age ranges, had an amazing experience seeing everyone’s favorite pups on that screen than just their normal sized devices at home if not on the go. 

If the film makes any connections to continuing within the actual show it is a bit unknown to some circumstances, but that does not mean it does not disappoint nonetheless. It is by far a fun, entertaining film that makes all smile with utter joy no matter how many times it is seen. Note the credits portion of the film did use 2D animation which was done nicely as well. Paw Patrol The Movie is just downright lots of fun and if you need to yelp for help to see it again and again so be it!

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