Escape The Fate's Worldwide Live Stream Follows Trend with Success!

The most recent and last time seeing Escape The Fate occurred back in the fall of 2018, when the band did their brief "This War Is Ours 10 Year Anniversary Tour", where their sophomore album, featuring new singer Craig Mabbit was performed in full swing on said tour. That was an unforgettable night, it wouldn't be for two years would Escape The Fate be seen live again at least by me. This time around though, things would be a whole lot different. As in the fall of 2019 the corona virus A.K.A. covid-19 would creep into the lives of many, striking down come the next year in 2020, where all live entertainment would somewhat cease to exist.....

Escape The Fate did shy away from performing due to this pandemic crisis, taking time to write and record all new material for their next album, also scheduling in some time to do a live online stream for all to see across the globe. This taking place in the fall of 2020 via Lit Live their live stream performance being held indoors in their own provided stage, capturing the essence of a real concert with lights, fog, smoke, the works! Whilst there was some confusion among the fan base and media with MST VS. PST time, some may have missed some if not all of the band's performance but to those that did capture it, the tracks the band went on to play would include such as "The Flood", "Something", "One For The Money", "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)", a good amount being off their sophomore release, with later releases as well, including recent and newest single’s "Invincible" and “Walk On”. Throughout the performance there was some delay in loud and low quality from the audio provided. With other moments having their frontman Craig perform his screaming antics rather nicely at times, he did fail on some moments as well, including "The Flood". During the performance the band did interact with the live stream viewers, noticing the chat room as fans talked to the band live! Giving numerous shout outs to family, friends, and other loved one's of course too.

Having seen Escape The Fate a handful of times over the years, including this live stream segment, their performance this night was a good setlist with a performance to back it up, that had some minor lacking quality at times from band and gear, but did bring the live presents in some way that all could enjoy from the comfort of their own living spaces. Perhaps just perhaps, the band will do another live stream performing one of their many albums front to back as they did with at least one a few years back….


1. Do You Love Me?

2. Ungrateful

3. Gorgeous Nightmare

4. Onto The Next One

5. Invincible

6. Just A Memory

7. Remember Every Scar

8. Something

9. The Flood

10. Issues

11. This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)

12.  One For The Money

13. Broken Heart

14. Walk On

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