Amazing Demon Boy - This Halloween

Demon Boy or in the newer case of Amazing Demon Boy has managed to set himself a part from the mainstream music scene. Whilst the genre choice is typical his styling revolving around the heavy metal aspect, it is his own uniqueness. He has been described as an Alice Cooper with a mix of David Lee Roth's attitude. Hence forth you get his latest addition to the now Amazing Demon Boy namesake called "This Halloween". It having an accompanying music video to boot, it's CGI effects with even creeper visuals keeps the whole impact rather delightful. The music is heavy yet hard hitting with am edge that brings to mind the similarity to that of Muderdolls and Wednesday 13. The vocals especially capture that same feeling of the acts just mentioned prior in some sense at least. The instruments portions throughout are as said, hard and heavy duty, truly heavy metal with a rock hard attitude adjustment that makes the music scream. Music video is creepy of sorts with lots of visual effects that makes you feel dizzy yet excited. The lyrical content as well as suites the Halloween howliday as well; making this an added addition to the array of other Halloween tracks of material give or take delivered by it's eerie associates. 

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