Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend's Jon Jumper Discusses the Past and Present of UKMG!

Evolution is what best describes UKMG A.K.A. UNICORNS KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND, a band whose projection is currently run under Jon Jumper, with quite the history behind the band's past and present. Jon Jumper himself, vocalist and producer goes into plenty of discussion details about the band's history, current plans, and what the future holds.

1. So tell me about Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend, how did the formation of the band take place? Is this line-up of the band, the same as it was when the band first formed or has it seen changes for the better or perhaps worse?

UKMG Was created by me and my 2 imaginary friends whilst I was serving time in for stabbing a kid in the neck with a pen. When I received my first hand written letter I was automatically grounded back into reality. My friends were gone and I was left with nothing but the desire to make music.

Me and my cell mate convinced the younger inmates to riot and misbehave until the administrators let us have karaoke night once a month instead of gym class for the day. My buddy got cold feet when I told him we should do hardcore scream vocals over pop songs.. 2 Females who overheard my planning quickly joined me in screaming over Lady GaGa tracks. GaGa's music just felt right doing metal vocals to. After 3 sessions over the course of 4 months were forced to return to our regular schedule and the younger inmates started raging on the guards harder than ever. I remember seeing 3 buff guards slamming this little kid with blonde hair into the ground and not being able to restrain him until they shot his ass up with suspicious fluid. Shit like that really motivated me to work on more practical and emotional reasons to convince my parents to fight for my release.. That's when things got even weirder. I started connecting with people on the phone claiming to be celebrities, contractors, and even mob members. Mostly sympathetic but disturbed as to who I was, and who let them call their phones.

Eventually I was pulled into the master office where I was informed that I was being released early long as I signed a contract agreeing to relapse within the next 3 years. The whole discharge process is sort of a blur but I was glad to be back with my family despite not being able to relate to any of their lives anymore. This drove me to drop out of school and pursue singing, rapping, and producing.

I studied and started implementing gorilla marketing techniques in order to push my music on social media. I went as far as to fake suicide on Facebook live over 4 years before Facebook live was invented. My reputation as a rogue Enterprise developed and I recruited 2 vocalists to assist in the creation of a full album.

Deaths and mental breakdowns drove all the past members to the brink of insanity. The project currently consists of Zim and Roxie.

2. Does the band's name "Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend", reference an actual girlfriend past or present? Or does it perfectly describe your music and philosophy?

UKMG was always an idea I had.The dynamic is a force of nature.

3. So the band went on to release a debut EP "Rawr XD" as well as a single titled "Problem", please discuss the two for us.

RAWR XD EP never existed. I created cover art for a batch of unreleased songs in my vault but I chose to not release them so the project could maintain respectability towards a larger audience as my numbers went up.

4. The band would begin writing for their debut full-length album, but nothing went further from the writing process, whereabouts are you in that area of progress?

I wrote the S.T.F.U album alone. To my disappointment my band members did drugs and indulged in internet drama while I produced beats, recorded vocals, and engineered. However, the bullshit around me worked with the sauce of my gorilla marketing tactics so we made it work.

5. Who would you say are the band's musical and non-musical influences?

Fucking bitches and getting money. I realized most of my childhood sub genre music influences were really big time rappers doing a good job controlling the music scene. Before getting into metal and scream rap I just listened to a shit ton of Lil Wayne as well as various collaborators who I vibed with.

6. How about the lyrics, which theme's or topics do they tend to cover?

Fucking bitches, getting money, flexing, and sometimes motivational experiences so our audience could still grow and learn while waling out.

7. Has the band released official band merch? If so, where can we buy it?

Shout out to our distribution company.

8. When shall fans expect something new from you? Video, single, documentary etc.

When my producers stop getting killed.

9. In your opinion what is the best way to define Unicorns Killed My Girlfriends sound and style?

Our sound is currently evolving.

10. What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?


11. So, why did the band go on hiatus, and why the decision to bring the band back together?

Everybody around me either lost their mind or killed themselves. I wasn't able to physically kill myself so I started rapping and experimenting with the way life and respect works while in Memphis.

12. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Go hard and never stop.

13. Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!

Do some wild shit. If you're real you will survive.

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