Jurekk's Own Jurekk James and Brendon Wall Discuss An ALL NEW Project Involving Music!

Jurekk is an all new project with Jurekk and Brendon Wall, it revolving around the styling's of everything! The pair go into discussion and discuss the matters of this new music project, what it holds and has in-store for the upcoming future!

1. So how many projects/bands does this make it for you as an artist?

Jurekk: Active? 2. But I've been in four bands (Edge of Attack, Kobra and the Lotus, Celestial Ruin, and Jurekk). But I've also had the pleasure of working on many projects in the studio as a producer or mix engineer as well.

Brendon: I've been in one band it was mostly me and some friends just jamming out to bands we liked. This is the first project I've done where it's been released

2. Why did those other projects fail and succeed?

Jurekk: With Kobra I had to leave due to medical reasons. The timing was unfortunate as we were about to due a summer long tour with Kiss and Def Leppard but sometimes that's how things work out. With Celestial Ruin I just had to come home. I was going through some things in my personal life that were just interfering with my ability to maintain a normal life so I had to make the decision to come home. Which wasn't easy. I wouldn't say any of them were a failure. I am grateful that I had the chance to work with all those amazing people.

3. What can be said about this all new and current project?

Jurekk: It's definitely out of the norm if you're used to my work that's for sure! We aren't really conforming to one genre of music. On the first EP we had multiple genres of rock/metal music in 5 songs. While the last single "Rage" is a pure 7 string Heavy-fest with plenty of shred to go around.

Brendon: Its heavy musically, pretty dark lyrically and some of the best lyrics I've ever wrote and contributed with because they came from the heart. I've lived those stories I wrote in the lyrics, I've been through some dark times in my life.

4. With this project you have not one, but three EP's, discuss please!

Brendon: One day we me and Jurekk were hanging out. He said he always wanted to do a solo project. He asked me if I wanted to collaborate with him on it lyrically I said ya that could be fun and here we are.

Jurekk: Ya that's basically the short sweet story haha. Once we had Completed the first one I knew there was no way we had to stop there. There was so many more avenues of music that I wanted to explore.

5. When can expect EP 2 to be out in the open?

Jurekk: You know it's an odd thing. Most bands complete their full EP or album and then release the first single! I on the other hand kind of just go on the seat of my pants. As it sits as we're doing this interview all that is left to be done is vocals for one song and a bit of mixing. Then I will release it. I don't like following the "release a single then make them wait months for the full thing" model. Get it done, get it out.

6. Does this trio of EP releases, have a concept to them?

Brendon: The first EP doesn't have a concept it's mostly about things in life i've experienced. Take "This isn't Me" for an example. The lyrics "This happiness just seems so far. While Sinking in a reservoir. I cannot breathe, I cannot see. I am praying, screaming help me". I was going through some depression/anxiety issues at the time. I thought happiness just seemed so far. "Sinking in this reservoir" was me sinking deeper into my depression while "I cannot breathe, I cannot see...." was all about my anxiety"

Jurekk: The second and third one do have a concept to them. The first EP basically tells a short story of my life and how it spiralled into chaos and addiction. Which was a big topic on the first EP as well. It starts with "Betrayal" then to "Fear" onward to "Rage" and finally "Chaos" which are the titles of the songs off the first EP in order. I wanted them all to have one word titles to really get the message across as clear as possible. As for the second EP It will tell the story of our struggle to find order in our lives.

7. How about titles for them, what are they and how do they revolve around the concept for them?

Jurekk: The first EP was just simply titled "Jurekk James". As previously mentioned it doesn't tie into the concept. "Chaos" is the second EP and as mentioned before tells the tale of how my life spiralled into utter chaos. The second chapter in the concept is "Order" and is about our struggle to find order in our lives. This one will probably be the biggest departure for me musically I have ever done. The riffs, the drums, everything is completely inspired from the 80's. There's elements of Def Leppard to Dokken in every song.

8. What was the production process like on the first EP? Has it changed going into the second and third ones?

Brendon: the production process was  really fast, a lot of fun but Jurekk is really good at what he does. It was a blast working with him in and out of the studio.

Jurekk: The first EP was a big change for me compared to other projects I had worked on for a few reasons. One being that the music, especially songs like "Don't Belong", was unfamiliar to me. Two I was working with more people and giving them a lot of creative input. I'm more used to being the producer, not being produced. Brendon would be really good at throwing new vocal melody ideas at me or getting me to try new vocal tones I would have otherwise have not thought to use. Shaun (My cousin who taught me how to play guitar) also was there a lot of the time when I was recording guitar solos and would come up with cool licks and ideas. As for this second and this EP the formula hasn't changed much. What has changed is the type of music being made.

9. Where do you see this project come the next year?

Brendon: Hopefully we keep working on stuff together, I have a lot of ideas floating up in my head lyrically and musically the creative juices don’t stop.

10. Would you like to add on or say anything more?

Jurekk: Keep listening and also keep your ears to the ground for what else we have in store! There may be something in the works we haven't announced yet!

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