The Damed Discusses New Album and Other Impactful Matters at Hand!

Female punk trio THE DAMED just released their debut album, dealing with what else, a lot of numerous issues ranging on feminism, equal rights, and all things caused by our current President Trump and what not. So how else will the band discuss such matters, if not more than that with us! Find out the discussion on these matters below!

1. So why did you want this band to be a trio act instead of four or more?

A trio is more raw and vulnerable, just like our music.

2. How did the band get the name The Damed?

It's a feminist play on words of a well known band you might have heard of.

3. You released your debut album, but decided to title it after yourselves how come?

We were just being born into the music realm and wanted the songs to be more impactful as a whole.

4. What can one expect from your debut album?

Dark punk-ridden riffs offering release from this current state of political turmoil. And encouragement to always fight for injustice. Rocking out.

5. If you had to pick one track to show someone, who has never heard you before off this album, which would it be and why?

Pulse. It represents the extreme political side of the band while also being a social commentary. It's a blend of a few different punk styles. It sets an overall tone for the record.

6. Have any other plans set for the rest of this year that is 2019?

We're in the process of making 2 music videos that will be out in the next coming months.

7. Will the band be heading out on the road anytime soon?

We are planning a small west coast tour soon, yes.

8. Do you have any final words of expression?

Gun Control Now!

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