Bongo Boys Records: Backroom Blues, Vol. Seven

Bongo Boy Records' a label whose variety goes very wide, in terms of content of releases. One of which includes a series of volumes titled "Backroom Blues", with seven volumes and counting. As a matter of fact, "Bongo Boys Records: Backroom Blues, Vol. Seven", is their latest release of content, with various artists to share their take of the blues, guitar, works.

Such tracks out of twelve, include "Judgment Blues", "Little Friend Blue", "The Lost Soul Blues", and "Nuthin but the Blues", are likely the sum of what this release has to offer to it's listener. These tracks alone, making this album be probably one of the more finer releases from this series of releases thus far. Take "Judgment Blues", for instance, its progression, crafts this tension that makes the track more intense yet electric. Whilst "Little Friend Blue", has this whole other type of energy, that tones down the hype making it just on the level. While still creating this bouncy effect that makes the material move along nice and easily. "The Lost Soul Blues", and "Nuthin but the Blues", are likely a pair in themselves. Each of them giving off this given and take release, one is mellow as the other is more turned down that it packs in a powerful punch of emotion with depth that breathes.

In other words, this volume just has it really. With such a variety of artistic direction to go off, you are delivered with such feeling with these song selections here. Allowing for the rest of volume seven to be more rounded. Giving you this ability to listen in, taking everything at once, as far as the music, letting it just overwhelm you at all odds of occurrence.

Bongo Boys Records’ have got a nice grip of material here, and “Bongo Boys Records: Backroom Blues, Vol. Seven”, is just another one for the catalog of content, that will expand beyond much more than just the music at hand here.

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