Malachi Grant says Welcome to My World!

Hip hop artist Malachi Grant has some content out, his last release being "Welcome to My World" and recent follow-up release "On My Way" with even more content on the way! He goes on further saying much about his releases and everything else in-between!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what role do you play as the artist named Malachi Grant?

I paint images of my life, past and present to deliver various messages through music.

2. To those unaware of the genre you play, which is it and why go with picking such genre?

My music is within the hip hop genre infused with various other genres. I love the expressive and lyrical focus of hip hop as well as the storytelling aspect of it. When creating music I like to dive into other genres too, through hip hop to enhance my expressive purpose.

3. Who or what inspires you to write the songs that you do?

I pull my inspiration from authentic experiences, and conversations that I’ve had in the past or are currently experiencing.

4. How about topics of coverage do your songs tend to cover?

Since I have broad experiences within different walks of life, my music covers topics across that landscape.

5. What was the recording process like for this album?

My process always starts with the purpose of the album.  Once I know what overall message I want displayed through the music, I brainstorm the song topics that showcase album message/purpose.  Then it’s all about sequencing those small topics to reach the album message. After that was done I began to go through production to find the right sound for the message and write the music.

6. Would you say that there is a story or perhaps concept behind the title "On My Way"?

"On My Way" is a concept that I believe ties us, as people together. We all have aspirations and goals that we work towards throughout life. "On My Way" is a message of wholeness representing the ability to overcome obstacles and realize success in our endeavors. That is also the significance of the number 7, and the reason this album has 7 songs. I am giving the breakdown of my process and perspective on the sequence to achieve success. The story takes the listener through my loss, growth and accomplishments of my journey.

7. Who produced "On My Way" and what was it like working with them?

Big Yount of THA NOIZE is the sole producer of this album. This was my first time working with him.  We recorded the song Family, which isn’t on this album. I decided I should build the album under one producer. The experience was great we locked in and got the project done fairly quickly.

8. What about the cover art for "On My Way", how much input did you have on it?

I designed the cover. I wanted the cover to represent the end result of "On My Way", which is happy and fulfilled. It also lessens the seriousness of the layered topics covered.

9. Can you select two songs from "On My Way" and tell me what inspired those lyrics?

"What I Need" was inspired by many events in my life and others around me. The concept of being suckafree and secure with yourself to the point you can not be sucker out of or into anything.

"Stay Up" was inspired by dialogues I’ve had with many people. The concept of striving to improve yourself and adapt your life upward as you grow. The song is me recounting those conversations in music with added wit and imagery to convey the message.

10. How would you say that "On My Way" and "Welcome To My World" compare and contrast from one another?

"Welcome to My World" had a broad concept of touching various experiences that make up the world of Malachi Grant. The production included 5 different producers and 5 feature artists. Also a quarter of the album was about romantic relationships. "On My Way" has a focused concept of demonstrating the phases of reaching success. There are no songs of romantic relationships, no feature artist and only 1 producer.

11. You are a newer act, so many people might not know about your history as an artist. Would you be able to delve into it a little bit?

I make music as a therapeutic release and it has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing artists, plus spread my music worldwide over the years.

12. Why did you go with calling this act after yourself, what does naming something after yourself have such a meaning behind it?

Malachi means "my messenger" which is my given name. My music is message focused and aligns with the the meaning of my name.

13. What would you say separates you from other artists in the scene currently?

My music is lyrically and sonically message based. It’s autobiographical and relatable. Combining these attributes with infectious hooks, melodies and wordplay allows me to deliver my story unique from other artist on the scene.

14. How about plans for the rest of this year, leading right into this next year, anything off the top of your head you want to get out there?

Just ensuring this album gets to the masses. So I will be working this album through the end of the year. Thereafter releasing another album. Stay Up and an on your way.

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