The Interplanetary Acoustic Team – Light Sketch

The Interplanetary Acoustic Team's latest and newest single "Light Sketch", released this past summer, features Ilyse Kusnetz off the debut album "11 11 (Me; Smiling)". The way that this track plays off is different. it’s like something completely not of this world.

Which is precisely what a lot of other people who have listened to this style of music, that is considered alternative indie, making the music more unique yet grounded as well. When listening in to the track, it just has this soothing tone to it, with this over the top vocal presences, over the music, talking to you, but it all interjects together, making it all work out.

In other words, the music just tops itself. Listening to the actual music just makes it so eerie yet peaceful. That is pretty much how this track plays itself out really. It has this tone to it, that makes you wonder yet be at ease with oneself to. It’s how a lot of the other tracks off the album “11 11 (Me; Smiling)”, play off to be, but they are so genuine yet very unique or original.

In the case of “Light Sketch”, is just has this very fulfilling set up that leaves you breathless, yet just needing to have a little more of it. Surely becoming a track that can be overplayed more than just once, if not countless times again and again. It is how The Interplanetary Acoustic Team’s music wants you to feel and also remember them.

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