Samantha Scarlette Hosts New Radio Show

Rock singer Samantha Scarlette has teamed up with radio personality/podcaster Eddie Barella & idobi Radio for a new paranormal themed radio show. BLACKOUT with Samantha Scarlette & Eddie Barella premiered Friday May 5th at 11pm ET on idobi Radio. BLACKOUT features interviews with experts on paranormal & fringe topics such as hauntings, ufo's, conspiracy theories, cryptids, theoretical physics, true crime, and more -- As well as interviews with well known rock musicians and alternative models, who often have their own stories of expierences with the paranormal to share.

In between interviews alternative rock songs, hand picked by Samantha Scarlette, are played. These songs are added each week to BLACKOUT's official spotify playlist titled #BLACKOUTwithUS ( ).
idobi Radio is the largest internet radio station in the world, with 5.5. million unique monlthy listeners.

BLACKOUT is a spin off of the 20 minute paranormal segment Scarlette previously did for idobi Radio's Eddie Jason & Chris Show.  The Eddie Jason & Chris Show garners a listenership of 100,000 listeners per episode. Notable guests from that segment were: Stanton T. Friedman (Nuclear physicist / Ufologist), Joe Biggs (reporter for Alex Jones Info Wars), Stephen Pearcy (lead singer of RATT), Peter Janney (NYT Best Seller of "Mary's Mosaic"), Isaac Weishaupt (, Jeff Belanger (producer of Ghost Adventures), Steve Hodel (NYT Best Seller of "Black Dahlia Avenger"), Marty Stalker (director of "Hostage To The Devil”), Tony Ortega (anti-scientology advocate / former Village Voice editor), John Davis (spokesperson for the Flat Earth Society), and Michael M Hughs (founder of the “Bind Trump” movement).

 The May 5th Episode of BLACKOUT featured May Astrology from Los Angeles tarot reader Tamar Lelenya, who will be a recocuring monthly guest giving an astrology forecast the first week of each month, as well as interviews with Angel Jackie from Corey Feldman's band Corey's Angels, and Josh Dean (former editor of Men's Journal Magazine, writer for GQ, Rollingstone, EW, etc) on the dark history of the Cecil Hotel and death of Elisa Lam. The May 12th episode featured Isaac Weishaupt from in another recoccuring monthly segmenet called the Illuminati Update, speaking on the symbolism in the Trump Campaign, as well as interviews with fashion model & designer Teale Coco, and CERN partical physicist James Beacham.

This up coming week's episode (May 19th) features interviews with burlesque & suspension artist Marlo Marquise on her upcoming performance on the suspension stage at Glen Danzig's Blackest Of The Black festival, and the Gatekeeper Paranormal investigation team to talk about the haunting and alleged demonic activity at Bobby Mackey's Music World.

Confirmed upcoming guests include: Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute, Daisy DeLaHoya (star of VH1's Rock Of Love & Daisy Of Love), Stacy Tilney of the Salem Witch Museum, Dr Lynn Kitei ( Phoenix Lights Documentary ), Kerry Brown (music producer who's worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Ziggy Marley, Afghan Wigs, etc), Jan C. Harzan (nuclear engineer & executive director of MUFON), model Malice Munn, and Dr. Michael E Salla of .

BLACKOUT airs Friday Nights at 11pm EST / 8pm PT on idobi Radio. Podcasts are posted Monday on,, the iTunes store and the idobi app. idobi Radio can be streamed live at, or via the idobi App available availbe for iOS HERE.

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