The One Night Special: Gatekeeper’s Revival

When it comes to Long Beach, California it tends to offer quite a wide range of options to choose from.... From the sunny but calm ocean front down to the sights and sounds of the popular downtown strip showcasing all the latest in movies and music hence music is what is being portrayed here… for tonight the reunion unlike any other will erupt in an forgotten rapture of fun and excitement it will be an unforgettable night.

Down at the Rhythm Lounge located in downtown Long Beach, a series of bands were setting up their gear of accessories from guitar amps to microphone stands/chords each one entangling itself upon its rightful owners, first up were some local go getters known simply as Torment ID. Whose tormenting set-up brought them eternal glory from all various angles. For instance front man Joey brought out the heat when it comes down to their performance tactics showing off much more energy and enthusiasm than one of their previous showcases. Like towards the end of the band’s set Joey had gone into saying by accident by covered it up with a laugh stating that “We’re Gatekeeper from Hunting Beach, California thanks for checking us out” mistaking themselves as the runner-up headliners of that night Gatekeeper.


It was indeed a funny mix-up but Torment ID brought it all together in the long run. Soon after them was yet another set of local trend setters Fallen Figure who not only brought out a more aggressive set but outrageously enough kept the crowd constantly on their feet. The guitarists and vocalist interacting on and off with the crowd showing off the metal-horns if not head banging like crazy to the beat of their own music, everybody whose anybody was getting their groove on because this was the night to do so.


As the night continued to roll right along there was only two acts remaining one coming from an act that had gone on a five year hiatus while the other act was the front man’s side project so it just so happens that this so-called reunion was about to take place. With that said, death metallers known to many as the one and only Gatekeeper lead by front man Jacob Enfinger continued to maintain the crowd’s energy if not accidently increasing it just a tad here and there the band mates themselves showing off their beach attire with Hawaiian grass skirts, swimming trunks, flower necklaces you name it they likely had it placed upon the stage. Though their set was indeed intensive and brutalizing Gatekeeper did not leave their fans empty handed for as there set progressed the band tossed various “gifts” amongst the crowd eager fans reaching out to get a glimpse at the goods that were being tossed about.


After their set was all dead and gone, Jacob Enfinger’s side project who he had been focusing upon more Reciprocal embraced the stage unleashing their side of what they consider death metal to be in their eyes and in this case it being a progressive side of the death metal genre. Taking matters into their own hands and delivering quite an interesting set-up with Jacob jumping into the crowd having a fan jump upon his back while running around in the pit his band mates unleashing the fury that lay within.


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