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When it comes to the South everybody there seems to be in either a metal or hardcore wannabe type band. If this indeed the case then we'll leave it for Dan Pelic (Vocals), Gregg Kautz (Guitar), Vincent Fiore (Drums), John Pinho (Guitar), and Jesse Mariani (Bass) to deicde on that wager... because together these five musicians have formed to etasblish Chambers. While you're probably scratching your heads as to why name a band as plain as that well its quite simple the time had arisen to find a suitable name so when word of famous porn actresss of the 70s era known as Marilyn Chamber had unfortunately passed away she was a great representation of what each of the individual band member's personalities were. So since it fitted so well they from that day onward would be known as Chambers. With that said the band went on to record, write, tour and then do that repeating cycle some more until they came up with “Old Love” which is due to be within your listening grasp this summer.

1. First off tell me about Chambers how did the band form and what does the name mean?

Vincent Fiore: Chambers started with longtime musical collaborators Vincent Fiore (Drums) and Gregg Kautz (Guitar). Both Gregg and I had worked together on a number of previous projects, but always felt that we weren’t quite grasping the sound and energy that we were capable of. We continued to play with each other in constant search for like minded musicians. We wanted to find band mates who had the same goals and aspirations and weren’t going to settle for anyone half ass. We eventually stumbled upon John Pinho, an old friend of Gregg’s for second guitar. Soon after that we were able to get Jessie Mariani (Darlings’ Cabinet of Sundry Horror) to come in and play bass for us. Both John and Jessie had a totally different style of playing, which helped pave a fresh direction in writing. We all began collaborating on ideas while searching for our front man.

Dan Pelic, a new friend of Pinho, quickly heard of the open position through a posting on a local music message board and agreed to see what we could make happen together. Even though we were all completely different characters with COMPLETELY different tastes in music, something just clicked when we played together…like it was meant to be hahahahaha.

Right around the time we began searching for a name, the famous porn actress of the 70’s, Marilyn Chambers, had unfortunately passed away. She lived a crazy, somewhat twisted life as Ivory Snow Girl, to iconic porn actress, to Vice Presidential Candidate. She was a great representation of our personal character differences and the long, unsteady road that brought us all together. It all just seemed fitting…so CHAMBERS it became.

2. You just wrapped up working at the Treehouse Sound place recording your debut release "Old Love" what was the recording experience like and working with producer/mixing engineer, Jayson "Michael" Dezuzio, producer Wes Kleinknecht?

Dan Pelic: We actually wrapped this up a while ago, twice. We first wrapped up tracking and the first round of mixing. Then, we weren't really 100% there with the mix and had it partially remixed and mastered. This was done something like a month and a half ago. Doing vocals with Jay was great, though. We found a really great rhythm to bang out the tracks and he really helped me find a defining vocal tone to make the record more consistent. Wes did a lot of the production with the guitars and really optimized Gregg's performance, especially. Gregg was shredding like hell and Wes helped him make more sense out of it.

3. Speaking of your debut album what runs through your mind when you think about that album, being your debut release does it still shock you that you were able to release an album?

Vincent Fiore: Right now, I think we all have both feelings of exhaustion, and anticipation for the release of “OLD LOVE”. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride, and I am very proud of the progress we have made in such a short amount of time. We have barley been together for a year and we have accomplished so much. In the beginning, we could barely stand each other, but couldn’t deny that there was something special when we played. With the help of some great friends, we are at a point that most bands can’t reach without a label…..oh yeah, and we actually hang out with each other outside of the band. We have poured our hearts, souls, and wallets into Chambers and I realize now that we can go as far as the work we are willing to put in.

Dan Pelic: This is the first full-length album I've ever been totally proud of. I am a perfectionist and in my eyes, this album is nearly perfect. It fucking slays from beginning to end and there is not one dull moment on it. There is never a dull moment being in this band, so it's actually no shock to me that our album is completely bullshit free with zero filler.

4. What about the lyrics what theme or meaning are hidden behind the lyrics and what goes down in terms of writing out the lyrics.

Dan Pelic: The lyrics span a good amount of time, including things that were happening with me years prior to, months leading up to writing the record, and days during the writing process. There's nothing really hidden in there. It's all very straightforward and I hope the frustration, disappointment, heartache, hope, and whatever other feelings I felt lay on top of everything. A lot of lyrics are written originally as poems, oftentimes written alone at home, not to the music but just with a general prose rhythm in my head. "Ripper" and "Tragedy" are pretty much the only songs I wrote after hearing the music first. "Ripper," I wrote after hearing a demo in my car.

I started it while parked on the side of the road because the song blew me away and I had to stop the vehicle. "Tragedy," was written while I was massively drugged up in the hospital and completely disappointed and fed up with my girlfriend at the time. She treated me like shit all around and then "didn't have the time" over the course of five days to visit me when I was completely miserable. It was kind of a last straw kind of thing. You can really hear and feel how fucking fed up I was in that song. It didn't last much longer after tracking that one.

5. How about the title "Old Love" what does that represent? "Out with the old in with the new" in terms of love life?

Dan Pelic: It's about how in this day and age, love is always recycling. You break up with someone, you get on top of another one, and all of a sudden you're new again. It's about being completely jaded after a real bad breakup and then meeting someone you really connect with on a sexual level that makes you forget. It sounds like it's giving that one person all the credit, but it's really about empowering yourself by feeding on another hence the line "new blood has been given to me" in the title track. It's like you're sucking their sexual blood to get over another.

6. Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

Dan Pelic: I'm a huge fan of "Ripper," "The Nest," "Here's That Song I Wrote About You," and "Tragedy." I generally like the heaviest stuff we write the most.

7. According to your MySpace there are only a few dates listed as far as shows go, when can we expect to see Chambers on a full blown touring cycle?

Dan Pelic: We've pumped a lot of money into our self-released album. Production/Recording, publicist, radio marketer, etc. Doing the whole self-booked tour, hop in a van and play to two people every night and get paid twenty dollars thing is not really going to work for us right now. We'd love to, but people have their financial lives on the line after financing this record. We're confident we'll get the album to where it needs to go through the grapevine and hopefully this will lead to some sustainable tours being offered to us.

8. What does 2010 have in store for you guys?

Dan Pelic: It's pretty deep into 2010 already. We are putting the album out June 22nd and are going to push it as hard as we can. There's always the label search. We'd love to find a legitimate manager and agent as well. There have been talks about doing some split 7-inches, recording a cover, and shit like that. We plan to shoot a video that doesn't totally blow.

9. What is your number one favorite thing to do when the summer time hits?

Dan Pelic: Personally, it's a toss between going to the Adirondacks to enjoy the outdoors or going down the shore to make South Jersey people's lives miserable as I eat cheese balls and pump my fist as hard as I possibly can to techno music. Thankfully, for their sake, my Benny ass usually heads north to the mountains.
Vincent Fiore: I do a cycle and head to Djais’.

10. Are there any last words you'd like to get out?

Dan Pelic: GET OUR FUCKING ALBUM BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. "Old Love," out June 22nd via all major digital retailers so go get it! Up the punks and fuck the police. Death to false metal. Lady Gaga is highly overrated. Bananas used to be my favorite fruit, but now every time I look at one I want to scream. Thank you for the interview.

Vincent Fiore: I love Lady Gaga. Pelic is overrated.

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