Teammates Matter Joey Alkes and Chris Fradkin Make Some Songs

Teamsters Joey Alkes and Chris Fradkin an influential power pop songwriting team are not only musicians but are also co-authors of the well known rock anthem "Million Miles Away," among other memorable smash hits that just won't stop the remembrance flowing. "Some Songs (1980-1983)," is a album with unreleased material with the time span of the 80s' the mere 1980s to 1983 era a small time slot to mention but it showcases itself well in this situation. But before this re-recorded unreleased album came about their 2008 workmanship “Million Miles Away,” did these two doers well, having their tune “Plimsouls,” be re-sung by the Goo Goo Dolls along with being featured in the film Valley Girl. To top it all off this lead to “Million Miles Away,” being made into a possible musical project along with it being formatted into a film remake. Causing a might uproar as it was, but moving back towards “Some Songs,” you get thrown with a handful of tunes that bring out the music a lot more making it that more enjoyable. The music is rather upbeat and catchy in all different spots and placements really bringing back the 80s vibration altogether. Making you the listener believes that the 80s are back in your life each time you listen to each song that is played. Making this pair of double trouble is one to be well aware of either way you put it. Their music captures you in the moment and doesn’t release its grasp upon you until it’s good and ready. Be sure to check out their MySpace page

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