Dimmu Borgir Interview

1. Introduce yourself what do you do in Dimmu Borgir and how long has the band been together?

I'm Silenoz and I play guitar and been with the band since the beginning back in 93.

2. What's it like to be on The Blackest of Black Tour? Especially being alongside legendary rocker Danzig (Glen Danzig)?

It's great and a really good tour, very noisy right, anyway we're really enjoying it a lot of people showing up and a cool headliing tour as the closer every night and we play not just for our crowd but for older people as well.

3. How's the tour so far, getting along with all the other bands/are you familiar or heard their music before?

Yeah yeah sure, getting along and every night its a party and great atmosphere.

4. What was it like when you did your headlining tour in 2007 part 1 of The Invaluable Darkness Tour? I was at the Wiltern gig on May 17th.

That was also a really good tour and this is a third time coming over here and the real tour for this album was the Spring 2007 and everytime we come here more and more people show up. Growing more, gaining more fans and audiences. Our sound is so complex and some songs are so so depends on the venue such as the Wiltern and this venue.

5. How do you compare "In Sorte Diaboli," to your previous works such as your earlier works "For All Tid," and "Stormblast" years....?

Those albums came out when we were pretty young and had a lot of potential and didn't really know how to go about recording material and developing the song writing for each album that came out and the latest album went back to the basics and wrote it very fastly didn't really go the demo route but a strong record at that and next record will be better!

6. Have you guys ever thought about doing a tour with 'Cradle of Filth, and Children of Bodom"?

We toured with Cradle of Filth in 97 and we have pretty much the same crowds, we have the metal crowd and Cradle has the gothic crowd.

7. What are your future plans for Dimmu Borgir?

When we finish this tour take a short break and write new material by the end of this year have new material to begin a new album.

8. You guys recently released your new DVD, and did a screening here in Los Angeles, how did that go?

That was also a very successful event and we had a blast and the people who were there really enjoyed what they saw on the DVD that night, and to see what people's reactions are to the new material is just like listening to a new album.

9. Have you guys ever thought about doing a tour in celebration of how long you been together?

Like we're been together for 10 years let's go celebrate and do a tour!
We're thinking about it, when we had 10 years behind us, and maybe 20 years who knows.

10. How was your Halloween?

Good really enjoyed that night and everyone else in the crew and band, and since we usually wear make-up we decided to not wear make up and we were being humans that night.

11. What I noticed about black-metal, is that there are some similar sides of black-metal and gothic music attributes like turned crosses, graves and so on: what do you think about it. What do you think about religion in gothic and black-metal music?

It has to do with darkness, and what attaches black metal and the dark gothic genre and an amazing and positive thing that builds upon itself and use darkness to be destructive.

12. Tell me, do you believe in life after death?

I would like to believe in something else, I have experienced a lot of paranormal things and consider myself as an atheist whatever happens, happens.

13. So, how would you describe your sound to a stranger in three words?


14. If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you ask yourself? And what would the answer be?

I don't think I would understand myself. When it comes to interviews, it does get annoying hearing the same questions and did 300 interviews alone so 80% were the same questions so its just the way it goes.

15. Any other thoughts or comments you'd like to make?

Finally cool to play Los Angeles, and really looking forward to tonight and should be really cool and support the DVD release and anything else we plan to throw out there.


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