Blackest Of The Black Tour 2008

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1. Upon Wings of Black
2. East Into The Open Sea
3. Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
4. Beyond the Permafrost
5. Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
6. Within My Blood

Winds Of Plague:

1. A Cold Day In Hell
2. Anthems of the Apocalypse
3. Angels of Debauchery
4. Origins and Endings
5. Decimate the Weak
6. The Impaler


1. In Memoriam
2. Finisterra
3. Night Eternal
4. Moon in Mercury
5. Opium
6. Full Moon Madness

Dimmu Borgir:

1. Intro
2. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
3. The Serpentine Offering
4. The Sinister Awakening
5. Reptile
6. Kings Of Carnival Creation
7. Spellbound (By The Devil)
8. Puritania
9. The Sacreligious Scorn
10. Mourning Palace


1. Wotans Procession
2. Skin Carver
3. Twist of Cain
4. Am I Demon
5. Tired of Being Alive
6. Her Black Wings
7. Devil's Plaything
8. Left Hand Black
9. How the Gods Kill
10. Brand New God
11. Satan's Crucifiction
12. Unspeakable
13. Lilin
14. Black Mass
15. Black Angel, White Angel
16. Mother
17. Killer Wolf
18. Dirty Black Summer

Frostbite hasn't bitten the lives of hundreds, one in particular being a known musician legend, his name is Glen Danzig. He is celebrating his twenty years of fame and glory by headling this years Blackest of the Black Tour, alongside fellow metalers Skeletonwitch, Winds Of Plague, Moonspell, and Dimmu Borgir. This bill alone brought the chills running up the spines of the fans lined outside the Gibson Amphitheater on November 5th at Universal City. Fans came out bright and early to get first dibs on the front row action, and filling in the seats along the venue seating chart. Skelentonwitch erupted around 7:15PM performing a 20-minute set list getting the crowd entertained from beginning to end. Windmills twirling left and right, as the tone of the music beating against your eardrums sounding vibrations to get yourself into the action. Once there set had run out Winds Of Plague went up at 7:50PM-8:15PM and through together a rather quick set trying their best to get the crowd moving to their similar styling's of Bleeding Through but the crowd just wasn't digging them. They're overall set was enlighting though having the eerie sounds of the keyboards echoing throughout the venue as the guitars and drums played their riffs drawing in the heat and sweat that was dripping from the foreheads and skin, leaving the crowd soaked with exhaustion. But the tiredness didn't stop there, Moonspell came aboard around 8:30PM and brought the eerie creepy tones even more intensely having the crowd getting more wet than the last act, doing a set that got the crowd really moving to their feet was entertaining for everyone to see. The fun and excitement hadn't stopped there, Dimmu Borgir smoked in a red fog walked onto the stage in all their glory fans cheered with rage as the set list unfolded "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse," broke the sound barrier making the eruption of screams and chants more alive. Throwing together an hour set got the crowd wide awake and dancing and spinning their heads to the tone of the music as the music continued to break out such hits as "The Serpentine Offering," "Spellbound," and "Mourning Palace." Once the blackest musicians had left the stage the only performer left to take charge was Danzig! Overcoming the loud speaker was an announcement that stated that not photography or video taking were permitted at all or whoever would cause it would be sentenced to ejection. Danzig's guitarist and bassist ran onto the stage as the sound glowed with a red effect and fog rolled right on in and then Danzig jumped onto the stage as the crowd jumped right along singing-along to every single word spoken. The set list ran from 11PM-12:15PM putting together a list celebrating the twenty years in a one night stand. The Blackest Of the Black Tour was a successful hit overall and all the darkness buried within our souls was unleashed in a playful manner.

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