Eclectotron Brings the Color and Neon to Life out of Long Beach with Cyber Punk’s DeFrag 3.1!

Neon go getters Eclectotron is a project that was created with the place known as Neotropolis in mind, as well as the other mind set of Reece Miller, founding member and lead creative of The Dread Crew of Oddwood, with this new project something totally unique and different comes forth….

With this, is a psychobilly, synthwave, and aspiring neo-nerd based band, that has been around for a short while, but has an EP, music video, merchandise, and has done some shows thus far, with a lot more in-store for them. In fact, this last weekend of June and Pride Month out in Long Beach, CA at the Que Sera venue, where the time of year has come again. MaintenanceBay54 presented the event, along with DJ’s like DJ Dsyfenit, DJ’s Tammagedon and TripWire, whose all had creatively fun and entertaining sets, with Cyber punk, EDM, techno, industrial, metal, thrown into a blender of fun!

The one and only band of the evening though was one that is called Eclectotron whose performance captured a 12-song set list, with song tracks including such as “Interstellar Woman”, “Hey There Baby”, and “Andromeda”, as well as “Face Ripper”, “Experiment 139”, and “Separate Ways”. Their set glowed out of this world, with the neon lighting, glow in dark appeal, and effects throughout by the audience, that made their performance very captivating. 


The audience of on lookers brought on their best dress attire, sporting a lot of glow in the dark aesthetics, glow sticks, light up coloring items, shiny attire, the whole works that brought this neon aspect to life. It was loud, colorful, and a so much event, that is worth attending again and again!


1. The Wings of a Boy (Gundamn Wing)
2. Interstellar Woman
3. Hey There Baby
4. Petroleum Swell
5. Face Ripper
6. Danger Inbound
7. Late to the Party
8. Experiment 139
9. Thunderhead
10. Konya Wa Hurricane
11. Andromeda
12. Separate Ways

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