Ghastly Murder Discusses New Music, Playing Gigs and More!

Dark act GHASTLY MURDER has been around for sometime now, releasing content in the form of an EP and future album as well! New content is in the works, with lots more in-store, that is all discussed below.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Ghastly Murder is a solo project from Gary Emmins/Mr.E  (singer /guitarist/principle songwriter of the Filthy Spectacula). As a solo project this has existed in earnest since May 2021  when I entered the Nest studios in Brighton and started working with members of the band Birdeatsbaby to produce and record the 6 songs that make up my new E.P. ‘The Rise and Demise of Gory Emminence’

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

The name ‘GHASTLY MURDER’ comes from a newspaper headline  printed within the Victorian era  about description of what was to become the Jack the Ripper murders- but as a phrase it screamed out to me that it would make a great band name

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

I live out in the bleak ‘Hinterlands’ that is mid Wales (Aberystwyth area) but I spend my time between there and London. I have on a couple of occasions attempted to turn Ghastly Murder from a solo project into a fully formed band  but pickings are few and far between in Mid Wales for the ‘right’ musicians – so logistically for me it made more sense to me to plough ahead and develop GHASTLY MURDER into a solo project rather than stagnate  and wait until the time is right to form a band around the songs and the ideas.

4. How would you describe your style?

Musically – Dark, with something of the night about it, brash, maybe sinister , but always with melody and hooks. Visually – again I want to do something unique and NEVER be a jeans and t shirt band  . I want the experience of a Ghastly Murder show to be all encompassing on all the senses – not just a music show,  but an event  an experience. – like a haunting nightmare.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

To date –In it’s first encounter I recorded a track under the guise of Mr.E’s Ghastly Murder (The Hearse Song / Hearse song earworm mix) which was released on all digital platforms- it was planned as a one off  but things and situations change.

My latest work in the form of ‘The Rise and Demise of Gory Emminence’  is currently a 6 track E.P. that I will release 1 track per month  digitally  via  at first bandcamp and then all other platforms. I plan to develop the themes of this E.P. into a future concept album describing the world/environment in which the stories in the songs are told – a post apocalyptic world that is scavenging on the carcass of the planet.

With this E.P.  I think the sound of Ghastly Murder has developed, gotten bigger and is more homed in and focused to where I plan to take it musically. It appeals to a wide spectrum of people but I sense its heart is within the gothic with its darkness but it is not gloomy or shoe gaze in style as it is full on attack

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

I am a prolific songwriter and I do have future songs that I would like to record for Ghastly Murder (as well as the filthy spectacula). The plan is to release these 6 songs  then run with it from that point onwards and see what develops….there are plans afoot

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

I have already had a few enquires about playing shows  which puts me in a dilemma  in as much as if I play these as a solo artist- with a guitar and backing tracks ? or find temporary players?  or form a band?….So I am figuring that out at the moment. Needless to say whatever its form it will be themed and thought out visually to enhance the music style with an element of performance and style that is becoming of the music- I like creating worlds for my music for people to enter

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Short term – release the tracks from the E.P. some with accompanying videos. Find my audience, let my audience find me. Develop musically. Write and record more material for an album (or 2 or 3) - leave the studio world and present this on stage – I am a good front man with loads of experience so performing is in my blood. Then, world domination and nothing less!

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

From my bandcamp site:

and from all usual outlets online- Spotify/Apple/YouTube etc.

And you can keep up with all the news and events on the Facebook page

I might look into developing a band page in the future (who knows?). I am also in talks with a couple of record companies at the moment and I will see if anything comes from that but for now I am happy being independent and calling all the shots 

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

The Hooks, the melodies, the drama, the power the overall experience and the rush of the heart when they realize ‘at last’ I have found ‘my’ music that speaks to me!- we are waiting, enter if you dare!

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