Death Valley High Comes Back to Los Angeles for the New Decade of 2020!

"New Year, New decade, and some new music" is what Death Valley High had to say, upon their posting towards the end of 2019, as a 9-date touring trek of a brief run of dates would commence come the new decade that is 2020. This death disco pop rock goth act coming together for the past 10 years or so, releasing a handful of albums, including an all new single as well with no plans on stopping but continuing onward with newer content and so much more. Upon arriving to Los Angeles County, Death Valley High was driving in from Las Vegas, having gone through the other states ranging from their home base that is San Francisco, and traveling off across Oregon, Washington, and California pit stops here and there of course. Los Angeles would be the second to the last stop on this cycle of dates, it being an actual date change but a good change at that, as it would make their performance more pleasing somewhat.

The venue in question would be one in Downtown Los Angeles called the Five Star Bar, being a small bar set-up with a very small but tamed crowd. The band playing this night a little after 10PMish, performing about a good 20-30 minute set. Their set list did consist of an all new recent single of a song called “Raise Hell”, along with other material, including a cover song punk track by what sounded like The Misfits, with an accompanying appearance from a member of the band Silver Snakes. 

The energy given off from Death Valley High was hype yet entertaining. Frontman vocalist and founder Reyka leaped into the crowd, whilst singing not once but twice! This getting the crowd engaged yet enlightened, as they were joyed with this addition of performance tactics. Aside from this though, had him and his band mates, performing well thought out, giving lots of perfection and angst through and through really. The sound quality may have been a bit on the loud side, it being slightly hard to hear the vocalist at times, as the instruments were more booming during the band's set, this minor setback did cause a minor dismay, but didn't cause the band to stop what they love, performing!

Surely the band was glad to be back in Los Angeles for this show and it’s tour as well. All in all though, the band did give a very splendid performance, one that felt welcoming and fun heartfelt. The band to make rounds to Los Angeles many more times for sure. Expected with newer material works involving music and an evolution of sorts.


1. Groie Donker (Grow Dark)
2. Cruel Summer (Death Valley High VS. Hanin Elias)
3. Play Dead
4. Raise Hell
5. Warm Bodies
6. Ick Switch
7. Merci (FVKT)
8. Sunshine Cleaners
9. How2Kill

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