Slayer Changes Things Up for Night 1 of Finale Tour

Thrash metal, one of the many genres within the metal genre itself. Many bands would come to use such a genre, including one who have been an act for close to 40 long years! As forth they would go on their final tour starting in 2018 and lasting long into 2019, wrapping it together where it all started so long ago for them in Los Angeles, California. Well somewhat, as the band is from Huntington Park, California their name would be known across the Los Angeles County of course. This one being known only as.... Slayer!

Whilst their final world tour has already commenced and has concluded, the band is not breaking up but will no longer be performing live anymore. This being the case as it was, Slayer would go out in style, doing two nights, one of which is sold out, with the other night being quite close enough to say the least. Night one taking place in the fall just after Thanksgiving and happening that following day on Black Friday! November 29th 2019 would be night 1 of their final world tour date, having fans aligning outside The Forum venue out in Inglewood, California since the mid-afternoon, buying up merchandise right away of course.

The doors opening a short while later around 5PM, with the opener's being Philip H. Ansemlo and The Illegals, doing a "tribute" to past and deceased members Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrel, with a Pantera set for this night and run of this tour overall really. Their performance being intense yet heavy through and through. Fans in the crowd absorbing the material for the first time, as new comers heard the words only those around them, who had gotten the chance to see the original Pantera line-up in it's prime way back when, would enjoy this rendition of a set, that was rather quick but so sweet!

Philip H Anselmo and The Illegals Pantera:

Next up came Ministry, an industrial metal band from the early 80's who performed nothing but the classic tracks upon the stage this night. Their presents being crafty yet funny at times as well, with the frontman Al Jourgensen bending down, jumping around to just getting into the emotion of the music really. The rest of his band mates following through just taking everything in at once, letting their music be heard loud and proud!


Following them would be funk metal band Primus, bringing truly the funk with utter heaviness of the metal kind, that got everyone into a groovy type of feeling. All there were memorized by the visual effects happening on the digital screen's while the music itself was unique yet catchy at all costs. The vocals performed done in-depth yet soothing it just made the music even more out there that everyone just accepted it for what it was and liked it.


Lastly was the act that all were there to see, thrashers SLAYER! Performing an extensive 20 song setlist, changing things up for this particular night, instead of opening with after the intro track "Delusions of Savior", following right into "Repentless", the band would go on to play "South of Heaven", a fan favorite instead. Having the rest of the set mixing things up playing such tracks as "Show No Mercy", "Postmortem", "Seasons In The Abyss", "Hell Awaits", and most popular of the lot "Raining Blood", and "Angel of Death", being the final tracks to end the night. Fans in the stands and on the floor just giving it their all, as far as energy goes, screaming everything out with the lyrics and band's namesake SLAYER! The mosh pit for one was nothing but a cycle of excitement for the fans, as others crowd surfed to the front, everyone else just witnessing Slayer being there was enough for them.


All in all really though, Slayer and the opening bands that played before them, would do night 1 well, as everyone there were pleased and surely walked away with glee how big of a grin they all had, spread across their faces, as fans alike should shout nothing other than SLAYER for the rest of that cold fall night.


1. Delusions of Savior (Partial)
2. South of Heaven
3. Die by the Sword
4. Evil Has No Boundaries
5. Show No Mercy
6. Black Magic
7. War Ensemble
8. Temptation
9. Disciple
10. Gemini
11. Born of Fire
12. Payback
13. Postmortem
14. Jesus Saves
15. Seasons in the Abyss
16. Hell Awaits
17. Dead Skin Mask
18. Repentless
19. Chemical Warfare
20. Raining Blood
21. Angel of Death

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