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I feel that it's important to get word out on any style of music known to mankind. While this is a given statement I must say that I do review, interview, or photograph any given artist or band that I think is worthy for my site. With that said, I have written well over a dozen of reviews ranging from EP’s, Demo’s, CD’s, and Show reviews. While I’ve also conducted various interviews both audio and video formats with various acts.

Now whilst my specialty does revolve around the “Rock, Metal, and Punk” scene, I have helped other genres as well,” Rap, County, Pop, Pop Punk/Rock”etc. Whoever is in need of some promotional support then you shall receive what I can give. Words of the wise I do take my work seriously and will advise that all my work is honest and true so without needing to say much further, let the contacting begin!


Artists or Bands without a decent photograph of the performer, bio, or album artwork decrypting who they are will not be approved. Without these necessities I can easily assume that you are not serious about your band’s promotional needs or wants.
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