The Los Angeles Murderfest 2008 Concert Review

The streets of Hollywood, California, are known as the most famous and most popular. Hundreds of famous celebrities have come and gone, even various musicians have step foot upon the many stages of the many known clubs located throughout Hollywoodland. But one club in particular will be destroyed by all others with a festival dedicated to the most brutal type of music known to mankind.... HEAVY METAL! The Church of 8th Day proudly presents The Los Angeles Murderfest Version 4.0. Returning for its fourth year with a line up you'll never forget. Three days of total chaos starting off April 18th at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Blvd, the two stages were covered with from front to back with metal-heads of all ages.
Tearing up the night of night number one was "The Red Chord" playing a 30 minute set list getting the crowd pumped for the following days of the rest of the mayhem. The first night was a good jet start but the real fun was about to take place the next afternoon. As soon as the doors opened at 2PM April 19th the venue was packed with merchandise booths in every direction selling hundreds of CD's, T-Shirts, DVD's, etc. The two stages were the center of the action. The main highlights of the night were Los Angele's own "Letum Ascensus" playing a 25 minute set giving two special shout outs for be a returning band for the festival for three great years, and for the new release of their debut album "Reflections of Torment." Letumn Ascensus has tired their very hardest playing as many gigs as possible selling their merchandise and touring all over but all their hard work finally paid off fans went crazy getting thrown around in the pit picking fellow moshers up after falling down. But the whole room was enjoying the performance from start to finish.
One of the major highlights of the second night of metal force was "Vital Remains." Vital Remains took over the venue doing a 45 minute set list getting the venue in motion in every possible way. Fans came rushing in getting tossed around in the pit and shouting at the tops of their lungs until their faces turned red soaked in sweat. Vital Remains sang some of their best hits including "Icons of Evil," "Dechristianize," and "Born to Rape the World," just to name a few. The second night of Murderfest was a brutal match up to its opener Friday night but what will become of the last night?
The last night came and went arriving on April 20th, again the venue was packed with every possible metal head in the Los Angeles area. Dressed in their heavy metal attire bullet belts to metal T-Shirts the whole works. Some of the heaviest acts that grabbed the night were "Watch Me Burn", performing a set getting the crowd generated wanting more! Watch Me Burn have recently released their very own debut album this past September "At The Stake," and performed their smash hit "Mandrake."
The last night of Murderfest included a lot of famous headliners. "Cattle Decapitation" performed a 45 minute set as the front room erupted with screams and shouts from all angles people getting thrown around like rage dolls. Cattle Decapitation growled their way into some their famous tunes "To Serve Man," "Reduced to Paste," and "Testicular Manslaughter." Another famous headliner was "Napalm Death," also doing a 45 minute set with some of their most brutal hits. Everyone in town could hear these guys when they jumped on stage getting the whole venue shaking with twists and turns of head-bangers to the growling taunts of crazed fans. Napalm Death sang "Scum," "Greed Killing," "Silence Is Deafening," and "Suffer the Children." The last night was the one night of total mayhem but altogether the sights and sounds of this festival will not be the last.

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