Bleach Party, USA - Get Stoked

"Get Stoked" the debut EP from Bleach Party, USA, a punk band influenced by other such bands as Adolescents, DI, and Night Birds. If that is not enough for you, then perhaps hearing that this EP "Get Stoked", was released digitally through the record label Mystic Records, the same label that NOFX started on way back when. If none of that matters, then who cares, because this is Bleach Party, USA!

"Drink Bleach", kicks off the EP, as it goes rather well with the accompanying EP artwork design, as it showcases a male drinking then falling ill to the bleach substance. The song of course being just that, about drinking bleach and not feeling so great afterwards. How the track plays off is rather upbeat, really energy driven, lots of pacing with fast adrenaline beats, that keeps the melodies in check. It is one of these opening numbers that sets up everything else upon the release. Which brings us to another track off this EP titled "Crust Fund", another hard hitting, fast paced track, that packs in that powerful punch, lots of energy, tons of upbeat tempos, rhythms, and riffs, all playing through, as the song never seems to stop. "Party Buster", is another energy hitter, but more laid back, it tones down the music just a tad, as it becomes more mellow, and focused. It still builds on the angst from the previous tracks, still keeping the hype alive and well.

When it comes down to it, "Get Stoked", is an EP of a debut that has an act worthy of following. Bleach Party, USA is another punk rock act, to keep the hype flowing, energy in tacked with so much more to offer. Lots more to come from these guys, this is just the glimpse into what they can truly do with their music, that is fun, paced, and energy fluid.

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