Kataklysm and Exmortus Share California Stage for a Night of Metal Madness

 "Here it comes" is entirely what was said throughout the night at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California. For it was because of Canadian's in the form of death metal act Kataklysm and other Californians in Exmortus! These acts rounding out the night at this known venue, decked out all in black, as the people themselves also wore black attire left and right, all was a buzz, as people eagerly had awaited these bands arrival that evening.

Exmortus were the ones to kick things off before headliners Kataklysm took the stage to wrap up the night. The crowd of on lookers, took ready, as Exmortus erupted the stage, bringing pure chaos and thrash metal across the venue, the mosh pit, opening up literally, as males and females alike, were shoved and pushed each and every way possible. Others falling to the floor, being quickly lifted upwards, as they run a muck once more, throughout the band's performance. The band's presents upon the stage being brutalizing yet intense. As the crowd cheered with glee to their mannerisms, as the songs thundered through, causing fists to raise high in the air, while others drank to amuse themselves, everyone else, nodding if not bobbing their heads to the tone of the beat. Exmortus playing material old and new especially off their fifth album to date "The Sound Of Steel", just released, had brought forth a presents, that caused such excitement throughout the night, that all who witnessed them were left in total joy.


After their set was concluded, all stood watch, as the roadies took down equipment to just set up all new gear for the headliners, that was Kataklysm. As they were preparing themselves back stage, the clock struck along, until close to 11PM of which time would be that the band would play. Going on to play a good solid hour or so set list, consisting of all new material and old material working's as well.
Their most latest album and thirteenth album to date would be titled "Meditations" released just this year and start of the summer. As the band would be playing the Whisky A Go Go in the form of an album tour, miniature portion though. While this may have been a mini tour it was still a successful one, as tonight would be the finale of said tour.


The band went on, playing for that time frame given, as the vocalist went on and on about saying "Here it comes", to other expressions of "move" down "raise your horns!" The crowd easily listening, doing as told, the mosh pit, opening up far and wide, as again the people being thrown, shoved, and pushed everywhere available. The crowd and band together were in high hyper tensions, not letting their energy fade away but lighten up.

Fans cheered and applauded throughout, given their thanks to what was happening during the set, as the band would go on to play such tracks as "As I Slither", "Crippled And Broken", "Shadows And Dust", "Black Ship", to newer tracks off their latest "Meditations" release like "Guillotine" and "Outsider". All of which given great responses by the crowd, as all were thrilled with delight to the sound waves sent off from these song selections.

Overall though, Kataklysm and Exmortus both rounded off the night, in a mighty way. As both shared the same stage, given a performance, that all would recall in no time at all. Surely a mixture of death metal and thrash metal, that will not be missed, but be cherished forever more.

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