Lautreamont - Silence of the Deceased

Avant-Garde metal trio Lautreamont have written and recorded material for their debut full-length album that is titled "Silence of the Deceased". This album consisting of 7-tracks, that takes the listener on a journey of the dark corners of human nature, death, and regression of it all. The lyrically context paying homage to the poems of Russian and European poets that the band has praised and have gotten inspiration from. The band goes on to say "These poems were written by true masters of decadent thought of the 19th and 20th centuries: Arthur Rimbaud, Alexander Vvedenskiy, Maurice Rollinat, Georg Heym and Paul Celan." With that said, the band goes onward with the decision and reasoning behind why wanting this album to be sung in their mother language commenting by saying, "We wanted to represent the words the exact way we read and feel them".

So then, how does a debut such as one titled "Silence of the Deceased", play out, well it starts off with its lead single for the opener, titled "Evil", this track being quite thorough. The material blends together not just a genre, but a few, to that of which is black metal and death metal, the two intertwining together, to create a style very reminisce to that of Behemoth crossed with Mayhem. The instrumental and vocal work, each sharing a structure of creativity, having them work hard, keeping everything in tune, as well as in check, as it is all heavy yet intense as well. The same goes for other tracks such as "Father", "The Hour", and "Epitaph".

These of which, play a very focused approach with the music, allowing for it to be shall we say, frank yet grounding. In other words, the songs of choice here, are put to good use, because everything just sounds very thought out, it keeps that intensity as the opener had done, except these offer more of a wider range of depth. It is merely material you can find yourself bobbing your head towards if not just swaying back and forth towards either or the material is quite solid.

Lautreamont's debut album "Silence of the Deceased", is a mixture basket that you will find enjoyable, with each play through, if not having it run on repeat again and again and again!

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