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Wolf formed in 2005 and unleashed 5 albums and have toured all over with a handful of various acts and performers. Aside from performing being their passion their goals are to tour all over and with as many BIG name acts as possible. Making music is the only thing they can combined to create and develop. I had a chance to conducted an interview with Wolf's guitarist Johanne's Axeman talks to me about their latest accomplishments and upcoming plans for the 2009 year!

1. Why the name Wolf, what does it symbolize?

It's a cool name for a Metal band and we needed something easy. Not a "three random words" name that seem to be so popular these days. It symbolizes the creature of the night's that we are.

2. Is there a story behind the title "Ravenous"?

Not really. It's a great name for an album and we wrote a song called Ravenous so we went for that.

3. Who did the artwork, title, lyrics?

Artwork by the great Thomas Holm that we've worked with before on 2 previous albums and he's done great stuff for Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Nifelheim and many more. I came up with the title for the album and the lyrics are done by Niklas except "Curse you Salem" that's written by me.

4. Is "Ravenous," in anyway similar to your older material "The Black Flame," "Evil Star," "Black Wings," or "S/T"?

Yes of course. We don't change or try to break new ground. We are heavy metal and we'll stay that way. Of course there small thing here and there but i can't really put my finger on it. Journalists like to do that so i'll leave that up to them.

5. What's it like being signed with Century Media Records and Prosthetic Records?

We're now on Century Media worldwide and we love it. They really dig Wolf and what we represent so we go along nicely. And they pay us a lotta money to play heavy metal. I mean, whats better than that?

6. Who did you work with when creating the music video for "Voodoo?"

We did the video up in Umeå/Sweden with Owe Lingwall from Village Road production. He did our video for I will Kill again so we wanted to work with him again. He's not only a great video maker, he's also the drummer in Nocturnal Rites and we know him well. WE shot the video in 2 days and had a great time.

7. I noticed some vocal similarities to that of Iron Maiden's style are they your mega influence when creating music?

Iron Maiden equals Heavy Metal, Wolf equals Heavy metal. There you go.

8. Going through line-up changes can be difficult but are you satisfied with the line-up you have right now?

Of course. You know, being in a band is like a marriage. Everyone has to make it work and when one don't wanna you have to let 'em go. We had members in the band that didn't want to be in a band so they left. Now we're 4 people working for the same goal united as one. Wolf is stronger than ever and we can now focus 666% on playing metal.

9. Which song off "Ravenous," has the most meaning?

They all do since Ravenous represents 2;5 years of our life. Every song has a special meaning since we we're there when they were born. It's a great feeling seeing them come to life. But i guess, to me, the song Curse you Salem really stands out for me since it's simply such a kick-ass song.

10. Could you briefly summarize how the band formed for those not familiar with you guys.

Formed in 95 after 666 pints of lager. First album in 2000. Been bashing heavy metal ever since. There's a biography on our website www.wolf.nu

11. Are you a big fan of the internet or does MySpace drive you insane.

Internet is good for any band. And particularly Myspace. You can directly go and check out a band. Not only how good looking they are but you got music, videos and other stuff there for you to build an opinion upon.

12. What are your plans for 2009 year?

Playing live til we puke!!!!

13. If you had a chance to tour with any band, who, where, why?

Judas Priest, Testament or King Diamond. The world of course. Not only do i get to play Dean Flying V's every fucking night, i can go off stage, have a beer and then go and enjoy my favorite bands afterward. Now THAT, my friends, is a we metal dream coming true.

14. When someone asks you what type of music Wolf plays what do you tell them?

Heavy metal.

15. Anything else you'd like to add?

Support your local headbangers and be sure to check out Wolf since we are probably you favorite band.

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