Greta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising

Where art thou times of the past, where things were great, good, and fine. Music especially dating back to a time of where it was heard through the ears than seen with the eyes. For it was a time of peace, love, and rock n' roll! Led Zeppelin was one of the most historic yet iconic acts to come out of the late 60's lasting into the 80's reuniting a handful of times thereafter. But while they have seen the spot light sometime ago, the light shines upon other up and comers who have taken the likeness of their style i.e. Wolfmother did it during their prime, followed by another act in the recent market called Greta Van Fleet another rendition of the Led Zeppelin tradition.

Clearly when hearing their first song turned single for "Highway Tune", which just broke the top 10 at the Active Rock Radio network, it was hard not to instantly put two and two together and say that these guys are a blast from the past i.e. Led Zeppelin. Their style is hands down exactly like them, the melodies, guitar riffs/solo workings, drums and bass lines included, let us not forget the vocalization to top it off. Those vocal chords are the tip of the musical charm from these guys that is for sure. The vocals are again precisely like Led Zeppelin's no doubt about it. It is a lot of comparison to the BIG name but come on, it is really all right there in front of you it is hard to resist the comparison.

In any case though besides that one hit wonder of a single, there is more to it than that song alone. Greta Van Fleet went ahead to write and record for their debut EP "Black Smoke Rising" where that song comes off from. so that is one that to be promising. Along with the rest of the EP itself of course. Kicking things off that release is that single, then it leads onto other fresher and newer material like such tracks as "Safari Song", "Flower Power", and "Black Smoke Rising", the title track to conclude it all. These selections are sure a tune kicker from the likes of Greta Van Fleet, they are catchy, upbeat, and right there to entertain you the listener. Everything just works so well and in their favor, it is just so pleasing to hear really.

When it comes down to it, Greta Van Fleet's "Black Smoke Rising" EP is a solid piece of work, that is a refresher for the next generation to behold and experience. It is truly witnessing a timeless classic of a legendary act that once was, but this time around it has been brought upon for the next round of go getters  who call themselves Greta Van Fleet

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