"All bets are off" is a saying used from time to time. For instance of now it is being used for a performer an artist named Blow Flyy, who comes out of Toronto, Canada, hailing from the Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia terrain. He's a poet which shows in his lyrics in the style he writes about. detailing what is in his heart. He distances himself from the vulgarities and rap hip hop styles of the bad kind. He is a rapper hip hopper for a new age, the next generation of sorts. His songs being clean, simple, and catchy. Due to this, he has obvious talent that shall not be ignored.

"Tears Fall On The Paper", comes off his latest album "It's Like I Got A Set Of Wings". It is a track so descriptive with emotion, it is hard to sit back and enjoy it. The song's lyrical context goes into such detail about how Blow Flyy's mindset works. His lyrics read "Sometimes tears fall on the paper when I am writing". "Where do we go from here, that's why you see me wearing shades, I wear my heart on my sleeve". These lines of lyrics being so heartfelt and emotional, it really speaks to the listener, that they can relate to his feelings with words and the music he creates.

He goes even further with the lyrics expressing how he gets angry, his emotions getting the best of him, that he is not able to believe in himself. No one else around him believes either. This is reality not a dream sequence or dream state of mind of any kind. This is real and how Blow Flyy expresses himself as a person. If that is not enough the emotions don't stop there he goes into greater detail at the end of the track, saying how you should not look down, but look up, stay strong. That really sets up the tone of emotions further.

Blow Flyy's ways with words takes influence from his family and his passion to create great music. He has created such a unique style that may sound a lot like other musicians in existence today. But he delivers a new sound and flow to the rap, hip hop scene. It just goes to the point of the lyrics and nostalgic rhythms that craft together so well, it is truly inspirational.

Enough about the lyrical content though, the music portion has got some flow riding on it as well. The music provided on "Tears Fall On The Paper", is soothing, upbeat, catchy, purely simple. It has this rhythm going for it, that makes the music drift, like a boat on a lake, it drifts across slow at first, then picks up speed then slows down again. That is what happens with this track, it is able to have that grip and go effect, causing the song to sound out of sync yet still balances out.

It should be noted that while Blow Flyy has such clean cut music, it is due to him not using any profane lingo in his line of music. His line of work with words and music is truly clean content all the way, not having much profanity if very little, it is a breathe fresh of air, to hear such a thing. His sound is relevant and entertaining for all to hear.


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