Pop punk rockstars or sweethearts known as The Dollyrots, did something any loving family would do, reproduce A.K.A. have a baby! But did this stop them from doing what they love, writing, recording, and then performing that said music? It sure did not, and thats what lead to this release, "Family Vacation Live in the USA". A combination of a live album and DVD accompanying it shot and filmed right in their hometown of Los Angeles, California out on the Sunset Strip at the Roxy Theater! What's upon the DVD? Well a concert film, consisting of 40 minutes, of that pure raw energy that can be only caught by the band who's known to cause havoc and chaos, The Dollyrots! Filmmaker Ian MacLeod caught it all in the form of audio and video, hence the live album and then DVD portion. The live album portion is brings out their live presents to the listener, who may have never heard them before, or ever seen them live, listening in, you get the feel and energy that this act can bring forth upon that stage. The DVD portion provides the imagery of the concept being foretold, showcasing the antics of the band while out on the road, showing life on the stage, and behind the stage, really capturing the band at its finest, with performance and good times too. All in all, The Dollyrot's "Family Vacation Live in the USA" is a combo CD/DVD release that surely any pop punk rocker, will enjoy, because it full fills the emotion that is being provided by the performers in question.

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