Hercules Mandarin - Enjoy The Flight

When it comes to the music scene, artists, bands, whatever you want to call them, can come up with some creative genres or stick to what's enlisted upon them. For trio act, Hercules Mandarin, these guys have come up with their own creative genre, one they call handsome rock. What is handsome rock? Well it's rock but with good looks or in their case handsome looks, with rock thrown in, if that makes any sense.

In any case, these guys have been hard at work, writing and recording for what has become their third full-length album to date "Enjoy The Flight". A 12-track release, that captures rock music, everything is there, plain and simple. The vocals and instrumentals work well with one another, especially on such tracks as "Panic Button", "Crazy Eyes", and "Your Fantasies". These song selections, just have that rock vibrations, that are easy listening, catchy, and very upbeat, to the ear's in question. Any listener, will surly get into these tunes one way or another, by some of these tracks, if not the one's picked out above.

Hercules Mandarin's third full-length release "Enjoy The Flight", is one release that you will enjoy to the fullest, time and time again. Surly these guys will keep it up, for many more years to come as well.

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