Soul Thrower have released their new video for the song "Skeleton Dance" it's their leading single off their latest album "The Beginning of Dark Nights".

Val's comment: "I think it is a perfect video for this song and vice versa. Who doesn't like dancing naked chick with an attitude?! I do! I love everything about it- it's erotic, it's got some evilness and of course the naughtiness which I like the most. Perfect!"

The producer & the mastermind behind the video Indrek Kasesalu: "When Val approached me with the whole idea of making a video to "Skeleton Dance" I immediately envisioned a picture of dancing neon skeletons. The entire process of editing and animating (aside from my day job) took me about 2 months. I hope it was worth it and people will dig the result."

Check out the video HERE.

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